Caffeinated Curiosity

22546829_1565643323457124_1696041234_oI’m wandering through life, chaotically, curiously and often have caffeine coursing through my veins to keep me energized and moving. Coffee is a a ritual. One that keeps my hands are warm, my heart fluttering, and sometimes this magical little voice whispers: Go get em tiger. I’m just kidding, but how AWESOME would that be.

This project originally started out as a pursuit of 3 independent authors, with two dear friends of mine, Jamie and Taylor. We had big dreams of keeping each other motivated to write, and exploring vast creative pursuits.

Reality hit HARD. Life gets busy, and that’s all there is to it. I haven’t posted in months and it’s time to metaphorically rebound with this ex, get back in the thick of writing again.


With voices of our own to share creative pieces, opinions, and photography of local venues. Join us in topics near to our hearts, and comedic relief when things get dark. The pieces have an audience in mind, but are primarily for the enjoyment of creativity.

Feel free to peruse the early stages of our page under the “Achives” tab.

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Xoxo, Micaela & Jamie

Your cup of inspiration.