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My weekend in Toronto flew by. With so many memories made and picture proof, the 3 days I spent in this city were full of admiration, love and exploration.

I’ll be writing about my adventures in the coming days. For now, enjoy some views and smiling faces.


City Love


Living spontaneously is something I’ve grown to crave.

As a person who plans and organizes every aspect of my life, and worries enough for half the planet spontaneity is something that ~ironically~ excites me. I’ve always been drawn to people that can live without plans and visibly seem calm in the midst of chaos. Throwing plans to the wind every once in a while doesn’t set you back – it allows your mind to expand, problem solve and discover.

In the past year, I’ve learnt more about myself than I ever knew was possible. Through loss, breaking of bad habits, living alone, and taking a semester away from school to work full time I not only survived some of the most challenging decisions I’ve made in my life, I thrived.

I found new passions in solo adventures, random body piercings, photography and recharging in the city. I discovered the love of a Christian community, affirmed incredible support from my family and said goodbye to a demanding and exhausting relationship. Lastly, I took the ultimate step out of my comfort zone and committed to an internship in Ottawa from May-August. Through prayer and conversations with friends dear to me, I’m not as terrified as the old me would have been; I can even admit I’m excited!

However, I will miss this city. I mean look at it!


There are coffee shops where I am a regular, and that feels cool. It feels very adult, if I do say so myself. It also means that I’ve spent far too much at said cafe and am approaching low bank account levels.

There are many things that I am still working on, but I’m very proud of the steps I’ve made so far. I know God has plans for the rest of my life, and relying on him means giving up my worries and apprehensions. For those of you graduating, finding a job after this semester, studying for exams and not sure where you’ll be living come May – Rest in the comfort that everything will work out. We are all works in progress. We are all struggling, rejoicing and figuring life out.

This week, I challenge you to be kind. Be understanding and patient of everyone that you meet and treat them like an opportunity to grow. Perhaps get them a coffee, spend an extra minute listening to them. Be kind to yourself. Recognize that you cannot give from an empty cup. Take time to refresh, whatever that means for you!

xoxo, Micaela



Reflecting on Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks

The last few days in Vancouver have been absolutely breath-taking. The light is optimal for photography, the sunlight actually warms the skin instead of falsely advertising warm weather and when you actually go outside you freeze to the bones (I’m not upset, seriously – it’s fine).

As final exams approach and the school semester comes to a close, I’m finding it more difficult to study and commit to the metaphorical finish line. Instead I’ve been committing to outdoor adventure, reading biographies of comedians, and planting FAR too many terrariums in my home. I’ve focused on saying goodbyes to friends, co-workers and family members as I start to pack and prepare for my time in Ottawa this coming summer.

As important as it is to enjoy yourself, take a breather, bask in the sunshine and love the supportive people in your life, stay in school kids – do the work and the time flies by. Little moments are important, but so is passing classes – sigh. 

xoxo, Micaela

Vancouver Views

Say it.jpg


  • I find solace in the still frame of a photo.
  • I find comfort in reviewing my work over and over again – until my mind is numb and every image looks the same.
  • I find myself restless when the sun is out and nature is looking 12/10.
  • I find overthinking, overwhelming. Photography is a new outlet that I would love to share.

Enjoy these selected shots from my little stumble down to the beach near my house this past week. If you live around the area, I hope you’ve seen these amazing sights as the weather has lightened and the rain has been intermittent.


xoxo, Micaela