Welcome, welcome! Bring your favourite cup of tea or coffee and settle into a relaxing and simultaneously chaotic ride into the many creative modalities presented in this humble space we like to call Caffeinated Curiosity.

We created this blog to motivate each other into constant exploration of uncomfortable learning new skills, writing, or challenges and turning that discomfort into bold, confident pieces of work. Each of us brings an array of experiences, education and upbringings with a common passion for the Christian lifestyle and an unbounded love for Jesus.

Dig deeper and hear each of our stories, see our personalities shine through and content change as freely and wildly as the seasons of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Stay awhile?

MEET MICAELA – she posts as tallandtrecherous

17121349_1332420770112715_1747861846_oHello lovelies, welcome to Caffeinated Curiosity!  I am so incredibly excited that you’ve decided to learn a little bit more about the authors behind this project.

I’m ready to start this journey with you, come along for the ride?
A little about me:

  • Family and friends are my number one; seriously DO NOT know where I would be without them
  • When I have an idea – I dive in, full frontal exposure and pray for the best
  • I can hardly sit still – I have the inner need to create a busy schedule packed with endless options
  • I genuinely enjoy meetings and the business side of things; you’ll catch me attending them for the fun of it and to learn more about myself and those around me
  • ACTIVITY: outdoors, adventure, running and more! Though I used to play competitive sport, I now enjoy the recreational side of things (early retirement never hurt anyone except when it’s because you had a fracture in your SPINE – yikes!)
  • I’m a BIG supporter of mental health awareness, writing/exercise as therapy and solo trips to refresh the soul
  • Currently, I attend UBC as a student in the School of Kinesiology – eventually I will graduate but I absolutely LOVE being a student right now – “live in the moment and love every minute.”


MEET JAMIE – she posts as smallandsavvy 

Hello lovely readers,
I’m Jamie, and I’m so excited to share our adventures into the blog world with you! This idea came from a need to try the untried, to experience the unexperienced, and to do things that we had always told ourselves that we couldn’t do. We aim to remove the word “impossible” from our vocabularies and invite you to do the same : )

Who am I? I’m currently a fourth year English Lit major, soon to be a scared and confused university grad : P (May 2017!) I have absolutely adored my degree and while it’s caused me to fall in love with centuries and writers that I can only dream of going to/meeting, I am entirely okay with that.

What do I love? I love to sing and write and go on pretty much any kind of adventure that can happen outdoors. Travelling is my biggest passion and I have a list of places to go that grows larger every day. I have a bit of a love affair with the UK, especially after having lived in Scotland during a semester abroad, and I fully intend to live there one day.

I’m hoping to try all the things I always meant to try but that school made me “too busy” to do! Painting, poetry, paragliding, nothing is out of the question! I’m so in love with my life and the people in it and I just can’t wait to share my experiences with you as I move into the post-university world.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me and my amazingly talented friends < 3 Jamie


Your cup of inspiration.