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Lose Yourself


There’s a difference in tense: Lose yourself compared to losing yourself. And for anyone who’s heard “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, I hope you associate this first phase with something positive – with beauty, with hope, with wonder, with curiosity. Or at least a lighter connotation than “Losing yourself.” This week, I pray that you lose yourself in all the right ways and things about yourself instead of missing out on the uniqueness that is you and trading your desires, dreams or ideas for someone else. Don’t start losing yourself – but lose yourself.

Read the following piece with this in mind:

Lose yourself – general happy and hopeful connotation for this piece

“To free your mind from worry”

“Forget everything else and become one with the thing you are interested in”

Losing yourself – generally negative connotation for this piece

“Identity crisis”

“Compromising and putting others needs or wants before your own, so much so that your ideals and values are temporarily or permanently non-existent”

Lose Yourself

In the way your heart pumps life through your arteries and pools in all the right places

To the forceful contract and release of your lungs

The gentle twitching of firing neurons

You are action potential


Lose Yourself

In the way your hair blows chaotic in mist and mountain air

To the music playing in your soul

The ever-searching, nay discovering of your eyes

You are wild


Lose Yourself

In the way you process words, light, art, equations and the everyday magical stuff

To the quiet stir of your mind when you drift to dreamland

The awake, the sleeping

You are important


Lose Yourself

In the way you cry, laugh, form words on your tongue, express yourself in dance, paintings, pure visions and all that makes you, you.

To the choices you make in style, food flavourings, toe rings and lovers

The constant growth and changing in character

You are perfection


Lose Yourself

To your body – how it moves, how it looks, what it is

To your mind – how it integrates, how it learns, what it does

To your personality – how unique it is, how someone finds it irresistible

To all that completely and utterly makes you,



xoxo, Micaela


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