via Daily Prompt: Commit

If now is not a good time in your life, don’t quit.

If your smoking addiction is not something that you seriously wish to change, just tell me.
I’ve been told by too many people that they will quit.
They haven’t.
And I always wonder, did they ever mean what they said?
Were they just telling me what I wanted to hear?
Are they more scared of the challenge, the relapses, the cravings, the withdrawal, the change
Than the fact that:
Their tiny alveoli are rupturing
Causing a slow and consistent death
of the human life that I love.
I would rather see you try and fail, than take you to chest X-rays for your wheezing;
Chemotherapy for the possible lung cancer that I imagine spreading like wild fire
And taking you away from me
I’m not saying I wouldn’t be there, that your family, your friends would not be there
I’m saying we don’t want it to get there.
Xoxo, Micaela

3 thoughts on “Commit”

    1. Thank you so so much! Sorry I’m so late to reply. Life got busy, but it’s on the up now and I’ll be writing more regularly again !


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