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Tailor made

via Daily Prompt: Tailor

So sing me a new song
Fabricate lyrics from the encasing of my organs
My breath to yours 
Our hands tailor made to fit 



Comme des ordures – “Like Garbage”

via Daily Prompt: Caper

Dear Body: 
I’m sorry I pushed you harder and further than you were ready for. Your vulnerability, and honesty was met with harshness. And later, insecurity, emptiness, and pain. Your dancing has dissipated, your despair ever present.
Instead of protecting you and treating you like the fierce violet feather that you are, I assumed a more passive role letting the world take you on and forgetting to advocate for you. I took you for granted. You were and are more delicate than a bud in the springtime. In bloom you are growing and need more nourishment, than I could supply. Hastily I threw you into the arms of another without a second thought: Were they better or worse for you than I was? These realizations, far too late cannot make up for the way you took scars, swallowed smoke, coughed down self-medicated injustice and toxins.
I only have one of you, yet I treat you as dispensable, second-hand – comme des ordures .


via Daily Prompt: Commit

If now is not a good time in your life, don’t quit.

If your smoking addiction is not something that you seriously wish to change, just tell me.
I’ve been told by too many people that they will quit.
They haven’t.
And I always wonder, did they ever mean what they said?
Were they just telling me what I wanted to hear?
Are they more scared of the challenge, the relapses, the cravings, the withdrawal, the change
Than the fact that:
Their tiny alveoli are rupturing
Causing a slow and consistent death
of the human life that I love.
I would rather see you try and fail, than take you to chest X-rays for your wheezing;
Chemotherapy for the possible lung cancer that I imagine spreading like wild fire
And taking you away from me
I’m not saying I wouldn’t be there, that your family, your friends would not be there
I’m saying we don’t want it to get there.
Xoxo, Micaela

On Being a Girlfriend

via Daily Prompt: Loop

“Hey do you have any spare change? I’m looking to buy something real nice like your girlfriend… not that you’re something to purchase you’re not something to purchase lady,” she uttered with a slurred, yet quick release of the tongue. She thought she had to get it all out in a single breath if she wanted to be heard at all. I can only assume she has mere seconds to make a lasting impression on passers by.

This woman, this street stranger, called out to us as we briskly walked in the fresh fall of summertime rain. It wasn’t the objectification that caught my ear as we trod hand in hand. It was this single word: girlfriend. My stomach filled with boisterous butterflies; my heartbeat quickened. It had been a long time since the word girlfriend meant something simple and sweet as opposed to a sour aftertaste in the mouth. My mind conjured up daydreams of days past in your arms, and days future still ahead of us. In reality, this was our fourth date. The boyfriend/girlfriend titles were not yet brought up in conversation. We were infants, mere children in terms of getting to know each other, but to me it felt as if you were a lost winter mitten found in the wrong season. Something familiar, and something unexpectedly needed as the coolness of Spring lingered.

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Meeting you was a snap decision, gone right. Your teddy bear hugs, your warm embrace and concern for my comfort and happiness is genuine. The way your soft eyes sparkle behind your dark circular glasses plays on repeat, in an endless loop in my brain. There’s new circuitry carved in sulci and altered white matter pathways from my head to my heart. From my heart, to the tips of my fingers and toes, I can conjure up remnants of your touch.

Xoxo, Micaela

Moments Expanded

via Daily Prompt: Volume
Mary Carol and I met touring a gym in the small town I moved to over the summer. This white haired, rounded woman walked with fervor and grace. She took her time reading the instructions for each cable weighted machine with care, as if her life depended on it, which it might have. The weight of her legs, her protruding voluminous stomach and her barely swaying arms slowed her down, yet the smile on her face remained with each strained movement. Her voice, like honey poured into morning tea, asked questions to the seasoned trainer walking us through the concourse. She was ready for a change in lifestyle, and so was I.
A week went by before I saw Mary Carol again. The sight of this lady caused a nerve-like pang in my heart and as it spread memories of my grandmother deep in my brain back towards that heart of mine, a slow smile crept across my cheeks. The loss of my grandmother hit hard. The first month was like living in a sandstorm, my eyes were constantly filled with gunk, I fell frequently as sudden winds took all the strength I had away, and the volume of my lungs severely reduced. I could still smell her smokey apartment, feel her fragile grasp of my hand in her final moments and hear her dry swallow my name. I can admit, I’m still not over this loss.
One look at Mary Carol and you knew she was close to her neighbors, her family, and her community. She looked as though she were once a traveler of the world, with stories intertwined in the wrinkles on her loving face. This grandmother figure probably gardened, made a stellar batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and owned a sofa chair that made you sink deeply into the cushions the second you placed your bottom on the fabric.
When Mary Carol met my gaze, she smiled back warmly. Her crystal blue eyes read my soul in that moment. As if she heard what my heart needed and my spirit desired. I approached her on the stair climber, mounted the machine next to hers. Here, began an unlikely friendship.
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Thanks for reading today, friends! Little pieces of my thoughts lay in this piece and I present this unedited, unfiltered short fictional read with a heart full of gratitude this morning. Elements are taken from my life, with a twist of exaggeration and imagination. Enjoy your Monday!

On Doubt and Bloody Bits

Yes, sometimes I am a mess. I’m more than anyone can handle, well, more than I want anyone to be capable of handling because I am an independent-fully-functional-adult-female. Hear. Me. Roar. But, don’t ever see me weep (or be vulnerable or in pain or in weakness).
I’ve thrown my beating heart at people, bloody and in bits. Each time hoping and praying to God that I’ve chosen a surgeon with gentle, meticulous strokes of the needle (or scalpel, because we all know sometimes things have to get worse before they get better). Bonus points if the surgeon is a buff single suitor, you know, to repair my teenage lust and wandering eyes.
Mending a Broken Heart♡:
Without doing research, without simply checking myself into the hospital where surgeons are known to be, I desperately throw bloody bits of cardiac tissue in the streets. Someone take it, mend it and return it to be in bandages so that the healing can properly begin.
Have your share of my brokenness busy mom in the grocery store, slender young boy skateboarding the local roads and sun-bathing goddess on the beach. Never mind that you have your own wants and worries, and your own scars and mangled arterial pumps. If I am going down in the rabbit hole of darkness, self-loathing and pity you are more than welcome to join. We can wallow together. The waxing and waning moon will be our solace. We will gather, we will find and one day a surgeon will save us.
Other times I think I can do anything.
Clear the walkway folks, Cheeserella coming through. Princess of the local fair – I have amounted to my true potential. 
Take two steps back and a shot of whiskey and everything becomes clear again. Big picture, I am a mere speck on this earth.
I am not invincible. We are not invincible.

Rush and Survive

via Daily Prompt: Survive

Oh the joys of being an organized person that dropped the ball, and suddenly had to be a last minute scrambling fool. In the midst of my adventuring in Ottawa, my weekend getaway to a cottage on the water in Merrickville and my new gym obsession I forgot an impending deadline.


I am not usually someone that leaves things to the last possible day, especially when other people are involved. However, I stopped keeping a planner for the second summer in a row and I have not learned yet that without one, I am the most forgetful person on this planet.

Hastily I emailed profs, supervisors and program coordinators that know me from university, and past jobs. I needed 2 reference letters for a scholarship application, and I needed to write several personal statements explaining why I deserved to win these awards. Somehow, I was able to write them all within a couple hours. Somehow, the two people I needed most to back me up agreed to write kind words about me with a 3 day deadline.

I am confident they will pull through. I am grateful that God stopped the sun and gave me enough time to complete what I needed to do. The deadline had not passed, I just had to rush and place my faith in the people around me. It was humbling and I survived, but I hope this doesn’t happen again.



via Daily Prompt: Notorious

Sunday morning I wake up
You’re beside me breathing heavy
The world around me is too large
I am probably the fifth lover this week
Sighing loudly I swing my legs over the bedside

A whish of gentle breeze caresses my bare legs
Like when you have half of your windows open in the car
All on the right side
The wind whips hair in your face
Thousands of strands of baby ropes
Kissing your cheeks gracefully
Unlike the feeling of your mouth on mine

Monday morning I wake up
You’re beside me stirring slowly
The creaking of the house reminds me
We have been together too long
But I thought I was your first real love
But I thought removing the ring on my finger
Would be easier

In the moment of panicked thoughts
I take it off confidently
Hesitation consumes me
And as I attempt to throw the jewelry out the window
It lands in the gutters
The ones you promised to clean months ago
Years maybe
Season have changed
Too quickly

Wednesday morning I wake up
You’re no where to be seen
The dewy grass has soaked my garments thoroughly
A smile creeps upon my face
Like the anticipation of a two year old child
Crouching low to jump off a curb
The leap is small
The effort is great

Looking to the forlorn sky
I whisper to the heavens
Is this reality?
How did I get here?

Catatonic I rise
A cacophony of guttural sounds
Leave my lips
Unrecognizable to my own consciousness

Saturday morning I wake up
You’re beside me again wearing a devilish grin
I’ve fallen back into a hole
Coward that I am, I sit absolutely still

Suddenly I look at you
Really look at you
Your notorious personality
The one I’ve seen for 15 years
Strikes a nerve
My body jolts
I can’t help but scream aloud

I run for the door
You’re too quick
My body tumbles to the floor

If you made it to the end of that piece – you’re such a trooper! I applaud and thank you for joining me into the depths of my mind and thoughts this morning. I wanted to challenge myself by continuously writing for 15 minutes and refrain from editing.

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This piece is little more than an exercise for myself and a remind to you, dear readers to channel your creative insides every once in awhile. I hope to continue this with random prompts given by WordPress. I hope you enjoyed or got something out of this. If you did, please let me know!!