Trophy – an event I had the pleasure to stumble upon this past Saturday afternoon offered the community a chance to hear about life-changing moments that altered others’ lives.

The white tents each had someone in them, with a short, true story that happened to them. All of these tales centred around the themes of hope, change, small moments, shifting and enlightenment. I wandered through the exhibit for hours. Some stories, were hard to listen to, others caused spontaneous laughter shared between us. At the end of each sharing session, the storyteller asked you a single question. They were deep, and meaningful questions you don’t normally share or discuss with people you have just met. However, when someone is vulnerable in front of me, I cannot help but share as well. I almost feel compelled to. If felt safe to share with these people. Everyone was respectful, genuine and lovely. I particularly enjoyed the Native influence stories. Collectively, this small area of the city, had overcome adversity, poverty, sexual abuse, fires, floods, disapproval, insecurity, shame, doubt and so much more.

Some of the questions I can remember are as follows: 

“What have you done for love?”

“Who has impacted your life, in a positive or negative way and how would you thank them?”

“How do you feel about the future?”



There were also several stations where you could interact and leave a message of something you want to let go of (This was all burned that night), plant a seed and leave a message of your personal growth and appreciation of self on the tree, send a postcard to a loved one and more. 

19238747_1451025308252260_1234684406_oEveryone seemed more chipper that Saturday afternoon. United and more hopeful than ever. The energy was palpable. I wondered: who thought of this event? Has this ever been done before? And if so, where was I? It was what I needed on Saturday. It was a “treat yo self” type of day and one filled with anticipation of the future, reflection of the past and pondering.

Until next time Ottawa, I hope you amaze me again soon.


Xoxo, Micaela



6 thoughts on “Storytelling”

  1. I really like the concept of that. And it could be tweeked is so many different ways to make your own spin on it. And i would like to share it on my blog, when it is ready. I’m still trying to get the framework done on my blog. But it would be an awesome idea for others to use.

    It must have been a cool experience. Thank you for sharing it.


    1. Ahhh! Thank you so much! I’m sorry this is such a late reply. But I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. As you still interested in sharing on your blog?


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