Lead Me to the Cross

This piece just sort of poured out today and I thought I would share it with all you lovely people 🙂 I have been struggling in my faith for a long time, but I am working my way back to where I need to be. For all of you who are afraid or feel like no one really cares, I can assure you that HE does!

Happy Easter ❤ Jamie

Lead Me to the Cross
I have been drifting for a long time-I let the current pull me deeper and deeper
I can’t breathe, I haven’t breathed in a long time
All of a sudden it comes rushing back, light brighter and more beautiful than the dawn
A light that penetrates down to the very depths of my soul
I feel loved, that great Love by which we are saved
I am saved
It’s a gift that I forget, I feel shame creep over me
My eyes fill and my heart aches
The one thing that can fill it is distant
Distant because I pulled away
Pulled away because I am afraid, I am overwhelmed
When I feel it, I am afraid to lose it
It never stays, but that is not because of Him
It is because of me
I miss the light, when the darkness swirls around me I can still feel Him
Hear Him
“I will never let you drown”
And I never have
Thank you never feels like enough, but today of all days I will say it
Without ceasing
Because there is a Love that is older than time
Older than fear, hate, and war
Stronger than my fears, stronger than the darkness that moves against us
And it is a Love that is always there
Always waiting, always reaching
Awake my soul
Give me the strength to be who You intended me to be
And thank you
Thank you for never giving up on me





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