I Will Not Trade Them: Reflections of a Soon To Be University Grad


❤ Jamie

Four years, three schools

They caught my heart, enriched my mind

The emotions run fast and clear like a waterfall, everything shimmers

My memories, your beauty astounds me as you flood past, drawing me in like the tide

Friends lost, made; hearts broken and healed

Passion found

There’s a moment, indescribable, when your eyes are transfixed

By a thought or image that catches you by surprise, that opens your eyes

By a person who’s changed what you see

How you see

Words fail me, they often do, there’s a wellspring underneath it all that won’t burst

Four years of memories bounding across

I wish I’d had a camera for every moment, every smile

Every inspiration

But photographs lie, they depict the no more-it’s their beauty, it’s their power

Their power over me

I wish I’d paid more attention, do I remember what I’ve learned? Was it worth something?

But then names, stories fly past clearer than daylight and I know that I paid attention when it mattered

It’s useless, some say

English is useless


It is the world, the feelings and hopes and dreams of countless generations

It is discovery, guesswork, creation and invention-dynamic and fluid, never interpreted the same way twice.

It is the idea that we can’t go on but we will, an unravelling of the human mind in all of its complexity

Without it would I know empathy, compassion, endurance?

Don’t tell me it’s useless, you have not seen what I’ve seen

I’ve become a poet, a detective, an author, a listener

A believer

These faces have changed me and I love them

I would not trade them

I will not trade them

Four years

So much more than a chalkboard and lines on a page

I became who I am

In four years


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