2 ~ Chronicles of a Thirsting Soul: Fall



Disclaimer: I don’t fully understand this piece. There’s a fluidity to it that begs to be changed nearly every time I’ve sat down to edit, churn and change the words to make it flow. However, this is what I’ve settle on for now. 

Find that pit of blackness, in your heart of many stones, your head of granite
Incapable of love, full of lust
Wallow in the icy lakes of grief’s tears
Follow her in the field of stray souls

With her grasp on your wrist
Drag her until weariness washes over
Thirst finding insatiable sleep
Awake anew

With grief on your back, lunge and jab
Sprint and fall again
Run and hide, bury in earthly possessions, in time
In others, in everything
Yet she will find you still

Fall until your knees are open
Until your body is covered in bruises
Be bold, be brave, be bereavement
Become one with grief and her overpowering sense of ownership
For in her, find companionship

Fighting and slashing her wrists
Bloody she screams
Broken she grows a new arm, with greater strength, a tighter grasp
Resistance proves to be fatal

Awake in your vomit, swiping bits of grey bile
Off the floor
Surrender your half digested metabolic processes into white abyss
Cognition failing
Ribs beating with excessive breath
Remind yourself that living does not mean ALIVE

ALIVE does not mean okay
Because you are far from okay.

xoxo, Micaela


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