For anyone who’s ever felt fear in the face of change

❤ Jamie


Farewell is the hardest word to say

It cuts through my heart like a razorblade, it leaves my lips only with resistance that leaves me


Fare-thee-well, it is not such a sad phrase, wishing for goodness and good luck for those that we have loved

Those we HAVE loved

When your heart is open, it is vulnerable, you feel naked

But how else can I live? How else can I exist but with my arms spread wide ready to welcome all these beautiful things in this world?

My beautiful memories, I hold onto you so desperately, I want you to stay

I want you to say, but you’re gone

You’re already gone

You’re a moment that has passed out of reality, the reality is now so different, the reality has changed.

Farewell my childhood, the years of innocence spread out like the warmth of daylight

Farewell years of trial that make me shrink and feel small

Farewell to the years that made me who I am. To the people that made me who I am

I will never see you again, I must forget your faces

I don’t recognize you anymore, I see twisted shapes and people that stare at me expectantly

What do they expect? What can I give them? I cannot give them anything anymore.

But when I go back, your faces are no longer disfigured. They are true and beautiful and they remind me of who I am

Farewell, my darlings. Farewell to safety, to limits, to cages masquerading as doors wide open

I say farewell, but as I do you’re closer than you’ve ever been before. You’re more real than you ever were. You’re more beautiful for me having said farewell.

When I say farewell, you become real because you are no longer my limit. You are my strength.


2 thoughts on “Farewell”

  1. I just discovered your page. I love every post by both of you (There’s a Jamie and a Micaela, and yet three of you in the header picture–who doesn’t love a good mystery?). This one particularly moved me though, so I’m placing my comment here.

    Also a Christian, and also a recent uni grad this month, I encourage you to keep blogging. You WILL change lives. I can tell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much, from the bottom of my heart, for your feedback and encouragement, such a beautiful thing!! I am so happy to connect with other Christians on this site 🙂 How is the post-grad life treating you?
      And don’t worry, our third blogger exists 😛 she’s just going through some major life adjustments at the moment. I’ll say no more to preserve the mystery!!


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